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Enabling systematic, transparent & accountable workplace assignments

for health workers, improving working conditions and taking steps to tackle staffing problematics.

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PracticeMed is a solution for advanced hospital management. It allows medical staff to focus on their job, increases employee satisfaction, saves money & time.


Employee Satisfaction

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Absense Planning
regular working hours

with other information/health systems (HIS, Power BI...)

annually, monthly, daily All information at once, clearly in one place

real-time feedback, signed versions with change traceability (drag & drop)

Surgery planning
Elective, emergency and oncology, all in one place (surgery)

structured, digital record

Availability Planning
taking into account staff preferences (on-call)

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Analytics You Get From Our Solution

Gain valuable insights into your team’s performance and discover who is contributing to what tasks, as well as how much each team member has accomplished.

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Customer Feedbacks

practicemed reviews

Prof. dr. Stojan Potrč, M. D. , spec. surgeon (UKC MB)

Head of the Department of Abdominal and General Surgery of the Surgical Clinic UKC Maribor

With the introduction of the application at the Department of Abdominal and General Surgery of the Surgical Clinic of the University Clinical Center Maribor, we raised the organization and planning of surgical interventions to a very high level. The time needed to plan operations has been significantly reduced, the possibility of human error in planning has been reduced, employees are provided with a more transparent and flexible insight into occupancy, and the programme also provides numerous reports from data on patients and performed operations.

practicemed reviews

Samo Plut, M. D. (UKC LJ)

Head of the KOGE endoscopy unit, Internal Clinic, KO for Gastroenterology UKC Ljubljana

I can no longer imagine my everyday life at work without the PracticeMED application – the other applications mainly focus on shift-work planning, none of them cover the micromanagement of work in healthcare

practicemed reviews

Domen Kogler, M. D., anesthesiologist (UKC MB)

Department of Anesthesiology, Intensive Care and Pain Therapy UKC MB

Since I have started using PracticeMED I can’t imagine my work without the application anymore!’

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